How do you find this stuff?

…asks David Gold in the comments to my last post.

There is a self-interested response, which is why I answer with a post. It’s from people who follow my shared items feed, and share their own RSS favorites as well.

About 600 people now share their favorite blog posts, news items and tweets with me, and I barely even visit individual blogs anymore. It’s the richest source of unusual or interesting material I’ve found. I love it.

How do you do the same? I’m sure there are a hundred ways, but I use Google Reader to read my favorite blogs and newspapers, and click the “share” icon whenever I like something. These are public. It then broadcasts to all who follow me. I highlight about 20 times the materials I blog, mainly because sharing takes 0.05 seconds. I then follow those who follow me, and from here come the greatest rewards. You’ll be surprised how many of the people in your contacts, or of the blogs you follow, will send items along.

Plug this into Reader or your RSS engine to follow my items, and get in the habit of clicking your share button. You will have at least one appreciative fan in me.

One thought on “How do you find this stuff?

  1. Is there a way to share items with specific groups only in Google Reader? Not because of the content but of the language; I guess I am not the only one reading texts in different languages but recommending texts in every language to every reader might be annoying to them sometimes.