Maybe you could be the 4,501st new charity to open in Japan?

A friend of mine has been working to register a nonprofit for several months now. She was just informed by the IRS that her application would have to wait because they’ve received 4,500 applications for new nonprofits to respond to the disaster in Japan.

…After the 2004 tsunami, one third of all nonprofits working on the tsunami recovery efforts in Thailand were started after the disaster.

I recently attended an event where the guest speaker had started over 35 nonprofits, including one that went to help in Thailand. While I’d met staff from his nonprofit in Thailand, we didn’t bother tracking them because they weren’t really accomplishing anything. But there he was encouraging everyone in the audience to start their own nonprofit as well.

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Folks: If you feel you must donate money to one of the richest countries on the planet, please at least give to an existing relief organization.