The honeymoon is over?

Armed south Sudanese police raided an independent newspaper, its editor said on Tuesday, raising fears of a crackdown on press freedom ahead of the region’s declaration of independence in July.

…Nhial Bol, editor-in-chief of the Citizen, said the newspaper’s offices were raided early on Sunday by five policemen wearing civilian clothing, waving pistols and criticising the paper’s content.

…Bol said he thought the raid was in retaliation for a recent article he wrote saying that the south’s police force was a cause of insecurity and lacked good leadership.

He said interior ministry officials had told him to stop criticising the police in print.

Via Reuters.

I’m excited about the democratic victories in South Sudan, Egypt and elsewhere, but we should remember that the new guys in charge aren’t exactly freedom-loving peaceniks.

As I am wont to say, there are no angels or demons in politics.

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