Some upcoming talks

After 9 long years on the back burner, I finally have a draft paper on commodity price shocks and conflict. After 3 long years I finally have data on a youth employment experiment in Uganda. Good grief.

Some upcoming stops on the road show, in case you’re in one of these towns:

Feb 23: U of Chicago’s Harris School, Political Economy Workshop, “Economic Shocks and Conflict: The (Absence of) Evidence from Commodity Shocks”

Feb 28: Princeton, Colloquium in International Relations, same paper

Mar 2: Yale, Order Conflict and Violence seminar, same paper again

Mar 4: NYU, Development Research Institute conference, “Does Poverty Lead to Violence?” (Check out the full and amazing conference program–free to attend)

Mar 9: Rutgers Newark, Economics department seminar, “Do State Employment Programs Reduce Poverty and Social Instability? Experimental Evidence from Uganda” (to be posted)

Papers to be posted on this site as soon as they are no longer embarrassing. Some talks in April will include Washington, New York, and New Haven.