These are a few of my favorite things?

If you asked me to pick five words to describe a TV show I would like, I wouldn’t have expected that “football”, “Texas” and “high school drama” would make the list.

On the recommendation from more than one friend (usually accompanied by “no, really, I’m serious”), Jeannie and I gave Friday Night Lights a try. We are addicts.

I’ve heard comments like “the most real marriage on television” and “not afraid to make you despondent”. Both seem accurate.

Beyond buying DVDs, I know you can stream on Netflix or buy on iTunes.

In recent years, the only other TV shows I’ve really watched, and loved, are 30 Rock, The Wire, Battlestar Galactica, and The Daily Show. SO judge for yourself whether I may be a reliable guide to your tastes.

9 thoughts on “These are a few of my favorite things?

  1. I’m right there with ya, love this show and never thought that a drama centered around a football-town in ‘I don’t know where’ Texas could ever be this good. the characters are really well developed and each season is consistently great. don’t know why it got canceled this season…

  2. I think you’d like Mad Men. I thought it would be fairly pedestrian, but the dialog and deeper themes are what trapped me. I don’t have drive-by access to American television, so someone sneakily got me hooked by sending me the first season DVD.

  3. I just discovered that the whole British series “The Thick of It” is on youtube. It’s really incredible to have that mundane look at politicians bumbling through things with possibly the best swearing ever put on television.

  4. In case you understand French, read this very well-written piece on Coach Eric Taylor:

    It convinced me to give it a try and the highly critical and jaded (French) public that I am litteraly fell for it. Not as strong and powerful as The Wire but very good at showing how people can struggle with their own values and ethics, even in a small town in the middle of Texas…

    One of my favourite series of this year, maybe with Rubicon (give it a try!).

  5. We seem to have pretty identical tastes in TV so I second the vote for Mad Men. If you like smart comedies, check out Black Books (3 seasons, BBC), Green Wing (2 seasons, BBC), and Community (still on the air, or on Hulu). For a blistering intrigue mini-series check out State of Play (also BBC; a theme is starting to emerge here), not to be confused with the weak Hollywood adaptation starring Russell Crowe. While short-lived, SoP is on par with The Wire, IMHO. For a slightly less blistering but still entertaining intrigue series check out the first few seasons of Spooks (a.k.a. “MI-5”, also BBC). People I respect keep telling me to watch “Breaking Bad”, which is a character-driven multi-season US show about people who bumble their way into being meth producers in the Southwest.

  6. and Tucker’s right about The Thick of It. I LOVED that show.

    The BBC original version of Life on Mars was great, too. The US one, kinda meh.

  7. Please tell me you watch Modern Family!!! Absolutely hilarious!! Witty. Honest. Did I say hilarious? This show has been one of the most important contributors to my survival the last few months living in rural Benin. I’ve watched all of the episodes twice and caught jokes that I missed the first time. Please do yourself a favor and watch from the very first episode.

  8. I just recently discovered and fell in love with this show too Chris. And it took me so long for the same reason – absolutely nothing in the description appealed to me. “football”, “Texas” and “high school drama” ….and for me “small town”. I couldn’t imagine it could be good. But wow. It knocked my socks off.