Ethnicity and Ethnic Strife

That’s the title of the latest special issue of Word Development, packed full of articles by luminaries:

Ethnic Diversity and Ethnic Strife. An Interdisciplinary Perspective (Ravi Kanbur, Prem Kumar Rajaram, Ashutosh Varshney)

Inequalities between Groups: Theory and Empirics (Arjun Jayadev, Sanjay Reddy)

Revisiting Between-Group Inequality Measurement: An Application to the Dynamics of Caste Inequality in Two Indian Villages (Peter Lanjouw, Vijayendra Rao)

Riding the Ever-Rolling Stream: Time and the Ontology of Violent Conflict (Graham K. Brown, Arnim Langer)

Sons of the Soil, Migrants, and Civil War (James D. Fearon, David D. Laitin)

A Systematic Approach to Cultural Explanations of War: Tracing Causal Processes in Two West African Insurgencies (Paul Richards)

he Spatial Distribution of Riots: Patronage and the Instigation of Communal Violence in Gujarat, India (Ward Berenschot)\

Explaining Anti-Chinese Riots in Late 20th Century Indonesia (Samsu Rizal Panggabean, Benjamin Smith)

Political Instrumentalization of Islam and the Risk of Obscurantist Deadlock (Jean-Philippe Platteau)

Religious Media, Devotional Islam, and the Morality of Ethnic Pluralism in Mauritius (Patrick Eisenlohr)

Estranged Natives and Indigenized Immigrants: A Relational Anthropology of Ethnically Mixed Towns in Israel (Daniel Monterescu)

We-ness and Welfare: A Longitudinal Analysis of Social Development in Kerala, India (Prerna Singh)

The articles are gated but there’s a good chance that the issue will be free as a sample online for February. Also, many of the authors may have copies on their websites.

If you find a link, please leave it in the comments for others.

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