I bring you Ugollywood

“Who killed Captain Alex” is apparently Uganda’s first action movie.

1:26 may be my favorite moment.

In case you were wondering about the toy guns and… unusual gunshot wounds, Uganda’s Observer interviews the director:

“When we approached CPS [Central Police Station] about the project, we were told that we [film industry] are not yet at that level. They could only provide us with police uniforms,” he says. “But we had asked them to provide us with helicopters, guns, tankers and access to army barracks. So we had to settle for the computer.”

The budget was 8 million Ugandan shillings, or about $4000, so I say well done.

Thanks to Geoff M. for the pointer.

4 thoughts on “I bring you Ugollywood

  1. I have been looking for this film in Uganda for the last month, but to no avail. None of the little DVD stands throughout Kampala I’ve approached have heard of it. If anyone knows where to get access to the full film, please let me know. I’m dying to see the full feature….

  2. Oh my goodness. I hope that kid yelling “ACTION! ACTION!” goes on through the whole film.

    Also, your spam filter won’t accept “mostly hot” for an answer.