Come to Yale?

Can I be speechless, amused, horrified and captivated all at the same time?

It is Yale’s latest admissions video, and the answer is yes.

One blog reaction is here.

The [Yale Daily News] says that of 60 students attending a premiere Thursday night, 13 had “overwhelmingly positive responses.”

I assume the other 47 were unavailable for comment, having strangled themselves with a belt, slit their wrist with the broken shards of an iPod Touch, or otherwise acted out the first scene from “The Happening.”

I actually like camp. And the video, if nothing else, accurately captures a certain earnestness.

Thank goodness I wasn’t asked to sing and dance…

8 thoughts on “Come to Yale?

  1. As camp and as cheesy as it was, I also think it was kind of a little bit awesome…

  2. I don’t have 16 minutes to be brainwashed today but based on what I just saw this could be the most amazing production I have ever seen.