Manimals, continued

Last Liberia trip, my survey staff tried to convince me that Liberian hunters have the power to transform themselves into animals. I bet them otherwise, and they pledged to prove it the next time I came to Liberia.

Staff excitement rose after a reader pointed out there’s a million dollar prize for proof of the supernatural.

Well here we are.

A more or less trustworthy and credible staff member says he has located someone, and promises I can meet this amazing man Saturday, where he will turn into an animal.

What animal? “Dog, hog, chimp, anything” was the text reply. And yes, he says, he has seen it himself.

Clearly I anticipate a scam, though nothing dangerous. After all, it’s not like I have the million dollars.

Reader suggestions on what the scientific test should be?

My thought: he can do the transformation however he wants, wherever he wants. But at the last minute, I get to choose the animal.

I have my flipcam and a couple of friends coming along. And, just in case, I will be sure not to request “leopard”.