Random Argentina notes

Argentina was superb. Surprisingly east to crutch about. We will go back (sans crutches) especially to follow so much of the excellent advice here.

We ate fantastically at restaurants I can no longer name. I am hoping host Melanie will comment with names below. She is starting a food blog soon, and so guided us well.

In addition to Buenos Aires, we spent a few days lounging and sampling wine in the Uco Valley. I remember almost all of it. Highly recommended.

Every nation has its quirks. As far as I can tell, every Argentine seems to think that every other Argentine is a thief. People stopped me on the street to say so, often several times a day. Also, many cars do not use their headlights at night. I do not understand.

Taking the night flight back, arriving 7am to NYC and going straight back to work was not nearly as bad as I expected.

In the end, though, someone stole my umbrella from the front pocket of my luggage. I shall draw no inferences about the thievery of Argentines.

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