Bad day

If I’m not blogging, it’s because I tore a calf muscle last night (that will teach me not to play younger and fitter grad students at squash), and while I was at the hospital getting crutches (I can’t walk on the leg for a week or two) a woman hit my car in the parking lot.

There are of course plenty of worse things that could have happened today, but this is enough to sap me of blogging inspiration.

I’m lucky: this is the first time I’ve had anything like a real injury. I have newfound respect for people with actual disabilities. I never realized crutches are such hard work. I am extremely glad for my rolly office chair and my hardwood floors, which means I can spin myself across the apartment for everything I need.

My downstairs neighbors may be less thrilled.

This also puts a kink in the Argentine holiday plans next week, but I am nothing if not adaptive. Glacier hiking adventure has just transformed itself into wine tour by car. So I cannot complain. But no tango lessons for me.