Links I liked

  1. I before E except after C? Not any more.
  2. Duncan Green on the latest Paul Collier book.
  3. Stiglitz on the crisis
  4. Is Twittering a behavioral disorder?
  5. Should the poor be tourist attractions? Read the full series on Bill Easterly’s blog.
  6. And speaking of Twitter and Bill Easterly, the tweet of the week goes to BilalSiddiqi:
Just noticed: Bill Easterly tweets more frequently than Trying to think of appropriate White Man’s Burden joke but no luck

One thought on “Links I liked

  1. Re Link 1 (I before E) – in the NPR example, the exceptions are highlighted. `Species' is *not* an exception (I should've have posted this as a comment on the FP post, but that requires registration and I'm lazy).