Jeff Sachs and John McArthur now blogging

John, did you not tell me you and Jeff were starting a new blog? (We crypto-Canadians are supposed to stick together, you know.)

Here is Jeff on the G20 meeting. Here John reviews Dambisa Moyo’s new book maligning aid. Moyo’s taking a beating from economists of all stripes.

My query: how come all the Africans getting press on the aid debate are conservatives and libertarians? Moyo, Mwenda, Hirsi Ali. The list is getting longer.

All make good points (well, at least Mwenda does) but these hardly strike me as indigenous voices. Most seem to be channeling Milton Friedman. There’s nothing wrong with a little Friedman in your thinking, but is this “authentic Africa” or the product of elite education in the West?

I see two hypotheses: (1) Africans hate aid; and (2) it is easier to get on camera if you are African and hate aid.

I’m going to lean towards… um… number 2.

Where are the Africans on camera with something different to say? Reader suggestions welcome.

In the meantime, I’m happy to see the development blogosphere hotting up. Easterly has been a regular, feisty blogger. The Bottom Billion blog is not bad, even though Collier has yet to make an appearance. Hopefully John and Jeff do not completely give way to other Earth Institute bloggers. My sense: good blogs have personality (ergo, one or two interesting persons). The rest are jumbles, news feeds, or press releases.