Quarantined in Monrovia

So, turns out that camping in the rainforest with pneumonia is a bad idea. Not that I can say from experience, but that was somehow my plan eight hours ago.

What seemed to be a persistent Saturday flu turned out to be something much uglier, and Sunday I started intravenous antibiotics at the Chinese Clinic (actual name) down the street from my partner NGO. The highlight of the Chinese Clinic: in addition to the FDA-approved fare, traditional Chinese herb concoctions abound. A personal favorite is the urine-colored serum that miraculously makes coughing go away.

Even after three days of treatment, Dr. Yula was not exactly impressed with my plan to get back to work up-country. I am officially restricted to the capital until at least Thursday. *Sigh* Six of my fourteen precious days of field work wasted…

5 thoughts on “Quarantined in Monrovia

  1. Hate it when that happens. Any way you could get the data/subjects to come to you?

  2. “Six of my fourteen precious days of field work wasted…”

    … Somehow I think you’ll manage to stay productive. ;-)