Jargon I can get behind

Someone named Trevor Butterworth (any relation to Mrs?) has developed a Wordie site dedicated to new economics jargon. My two favorites so far:

econorrhea (n.) Broadly, attempts to explain why trillions of dollars in the world economy suddenly ceased to exist in the fall of 2008. Specifically, any attempt to explain an economic principle, process, or effect that fails to follow the linguistic conventions of syntax and sense. Example: credit default swaps.

ayn randyism (n.) Irrational, herd-like erotomania for the work of Ayn Rand among laissez faire economists.

2 thoughts on “Jargon I can get behind

  1. Austrich (n.) – Someone who (a) repeatedly demands that the local central bank should be replaced by the gold standard and (b) buries their head in the sand regarding any other view.