Easterly is in the building

Bill Easterly, a heavyweight champion in the development world, has entered the blogging ring.

Today, I foist a new blog called Aid Watch on the blogosphere. The objective is to be brutally honest when aid is not helping the poor, but also praising it when it is.

Bill warms up with a few friendly punches for World Bank President Robert Zoellick, after Zoellick’s op-eds in last week’s NYT and today’s Financial Times.

Welterweights like this blog will enter the foreign aid ring very cautiously from here on.

I’m going to recommend a different sparring partner for the moment. This new book by Jonathan Glennie sounds awfully good. Owen Barder interviewed the author of The Trouble With Aid in the latest Development Drums podcast. Glennie gives foreign aid props where they’re due, but he thinks the unintended consequences are big, bad, and largely ignored.

Bill: someone is trying to steal your book market share.