Obama, statistically speaking

The 44th President of the United States spoke of “data” and “statistics” in his Inaugural Address (which is still unfolding). A search of all previous inaugural addresses on Bartleby.com returned no hits for “data.” There was, however, one reference to “statistics”:

The progress which the negro has made in the last fifty years, from slavery, when its statistics are reviewed, is marvelous, and it furnishes every reason to hope that in the next twenty-five years a still greater improvement in his condition as a productive member of society, on the farm, and in the shop, and in other occupations may come. The negroes are now Americans. Their ancestors came here years ago against their will, and this is their only country and their only flag. They have shown themselves anxious to live for it and to die for it.

–William Howard Taft, Inaugural Address, March 4, 1909

Via Eric Green, who leads me to many links I like.

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