Are you not reading this message?

The RSS feed for this blog migrated from the old Feedburner to the new Google-owned and operated Feedburner (from to Such a small change–just a little ‘2’ in there–and how could anything Google does be bad, right?

Subscribers promptly dropped by 1/3.

It seems many of you have been lost in the transfer, and this ex-post explanation is, in essence, futile. If any techno-wizards out there have a suggestion, it is welcome…

5 thoughts on “Are you not reading this message?

  1. The same thing happened with my blog. The email I got after the migration said: don’t be alarmed if your subscribers drop and that it would take up to a week for it to go back to normal. I quote:

    “Your feed has been moved into this new account, and your stats have been loaded up. If you see “0” for the most recent full day, don’t panic! It may take up to a week for a feed’s full dose of stats to appear in your new account.”

  2. I use GReader for RSS, mine still works for your posts. Though I’m not surprised the Google product still works while Google makes the transistion.

  3. I think it’s more of a Feedburner problem. My subscriber numbers have dropped as well, but it’s happened before with Feedburner. The subscriber numbers that Feedburner returns are notoriously volatile.

    The best thing to do is just to subscribe to your own feed (preferably to the original feed, so you’ll be subscribed to the same one most of your readers are) and make sure it’s still coming through the feed reader.

    The other thing to do is to go into Google Reader, pull up your feed and click on “Show details” in the upper right of the reader area. That will give you a subscriber number according to Google Reader, and that should match the number you had before.

    And if you’re now wondering “Well, why can Google Reader accurately give me a subscriber count, but Feedburner–owned by Google–can’t?”, then welcome to the club.

  4. Sorry…meant to say above that it’s a problem with Feedburner’s statistics, but that the feed delivery should still be fine.