I am VERY jealous right now

Friend (and former thesis adviser) Ted Miguel e-mails to tell me he is eating cake with Obama’s grandmother!

The video, by J-PALer Jeff Berens, is here. Ted writes:

I’m in Kenya and partied yesterday afternoon with Obama’s grandma Sarah, just before she left for the US for the inauguration…

It was so cool, really moving actually, to be able to celebrate the victory with Sarah, a woman who speaks no English and little Kiswhili. She was incredibly gracious, kind, and fun! She started just going around feeding us cake!

…people in Kenya are incredibly excited about Obama and seem to know more about his family, the inauguration, and Sarah Palin’s wardrobe than I do. The US election really was local politics here in western Kenya.

I worked in Busia, Kenya, in 2003–but I never had such a celebrity experience. Just another reason you may want to apply to IPA and J-PAL’s jobapalooza.

Ted’s latest book, Economic Gangsters, is here. I recently interviewed Ted and co-author Ray Fisman here.