8 thoughts on “Obama in Kenya

  1. Ok, Chris, we get it. Obama is God around the world. Can we put the kool-aid down and get on with real change?

  2. Hey — I’m allowed a few weeks of exuberance before reality and disillusionment set in as actual decisions and politics get made.

  3. I purchased three kanga cloths of Obama in Malawi about a month ago. Above his headshot was “Honguera Obama” [honguera is Swahili for congratulations]. The kanga message reads “Upendo na amani ametujalia mungu” which I believe reads as “Love and peace are given to us by God” — but my Kiswahili is a bit rough these days. The cloth is from Tanzania and was only available in blue. Go figure. ;)

  4. Chris, thanks for linking to the site. Kim, I’ve got photos of the kanga (in many colors) on my site. Check it out. Send me some photos if you have any of Obama stuff.

  5. Ps. could you please link all photos back to obamainkenya.com? The rights to these images are reserved, but you may use them. Thanks for linking back to oik.com.