Autocracy, hypocrisy

Rwandan President Paul Kagame is interviewed in the East African:

These rich countries still exercise control over us; all these human rights and media rights organisations and so on, their sole objective is to impose Western ideals and values on everyone; anyone who refuses to go along is blacklisted.

If you reject even some of their suggestions or recommendations, you pay for it. It doesn’t matter either whether the suggestions aren’t practical for us or don’t fit our situation…

Ironically, if you replace “human rights and media rights organisations” and “Western” with “Paul Kagame”, you more or less get the experience of the ordinary Rwandan these days.

Via Africa Unchained.

Also see the transcript of an earlier FT interview with Kagame.

One thought on “Autocracy, hypocrisy

  1. Smart strategy indeed. Being smart and promoting democratic development and transparancy are two different things, that is the tragedy in this case.