If an attack falls in Nigeria, does anybody hear?

Kate at Wronging Rights points out that twice as many were killed in Nigeria last week than in Mumbai, but no one seems to notice.

…preliminary election results in Plateau State, Nigeria led to clashes on Friday between Muslim and Christian communities in and around the provincial capital, Jos. The city sits in Nigeria’s “middle belt” at the point of contact between the Muslim north and the Christian / animist south. It had apparently been doing a good job living up to its nickname “the Home of Peace of Tourism” for the last few years, following riots in 2001 during which over 1000 people were killed. (Guess they’ll have to reset the “Jos: 2630 days without religious violence” counter…)

Fret not, Kate. A few intrepid grad students care.

Columbia grad student Alex Scacco interviewed hundreds of Nigerian rioters (behind a screen!) for her dissertation–including Jos rioters from 2001. Who riots? Youth with both a grievance and a membership in certain social networks–things we can observe and target.

Target with what? Pedro Vicente and Paul Collier ran an anti-violence message campaign experiment during the 2007 elections. They see a fall in voter intimidation and violence in their campaign areas. The paper is here.