Baby names for the mother who already has a Barack or Michelle

Yesterday I mentioned the Kenyan naming craze for Barack, bin Laden, and Bill Clinton, among others. It seems I wasn’t the only grad student who kept a list of favorite survey respondent names. Dozens of students have worked for the same research organization over the years. It turns out they’ve kept a running list of favorite names from surveys.

I now give you the new and improved Kenyan name baby book.

Airplane crash, Alone, Annex, Bony, Bornfree, Boy, Bravo, Brain, Brick, Britain, Climax, Clause, Clear, Crucial, Crucifisca, Daddy, Doctor, Eres, Fantastic, Faucet, Gentry, Ginery, Hitla, Jacknorris, Jolly, Ladyclean, Livinggoat, Litrine, Mzungu, NATO, Nimrod, Novel, Orange Velvet, Potato, Prince, Princess, Pretty, Prism, Promise, Queen, Safari, Shamba, Sweetie, Unicel, Yeltsin

Jeannie’s favorite from Uganda so far: two brothers named Director and Inspector.

For a list of more traditional Kenyan baby names, see here.

Thanks to the contributors. You know who you are.