On academic blogging

Dan Drezner celebrates six years of poli sci blogging. See his recent essay on starting an academic blog.

This blog is getting very close to its first birthday. My accumulated blogging wisdom is at least 83.3% lower than Dan’s, but here are a few unexpected things I’ve discovered:

1. Readers will shoot down your bad research ideas before you waste a month on them. It will sting, but it’s good for you.

2. People will sign you up for their e-mail list. All the time. You will hate that.

3. Your wife will get very, very irate if you respond to a question by suggesting that she can find the answer on your blog.

4. Your mom will love your blog, and you’ll no longer have to re-explain what it is you do for a living every holiday.

5. You will quickly realize it is an exceptionally small world.

We’re getting close to a critical mass of development and international poitics blogs. If you’ve been thinking about starting, give it a fling.

6 thoughts on “On academic blogging

  1. In honor of the upcoming birthday, I must say that your blog is such a fantastic resource, as well as an enjoyable read. You have made the work of many great minds accessible. It has inspired me to think differently about academia and blogging. Thank you!

  2. Anticipatory happy birthday to an excellent blog. I still struggle with #4, but that could have to do with my clarity, my field, my mother, or any number of other things.

  3. Together with Dani, I think you have the best blog for students. I must say that, in addition to the posts themselves, the links to new research and relevant magazine and newspaper articles give students an extra edge, as well as motivation.

    And the fact that so many researchers now have most of their scientific material freely available online is simply fantastic. What I miss a bit is more material and openness on methods and data sources – that would inevitably boost students’ interests in both, and possibly give you some excellent feedback.

    “We’re getting close to a critical mass of development and international poitics blogs. If you’ve been thinking about starting, give it a fling.”

    Since I have now finally graduated, I’ll think about it :P

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