McWar and McPeace no more

No country with a McDonald’s outlet, the theory contends, has ever gone to war with another. The Russia-Georgia conflict has finally blown this theory out of the water.

From the Guardian.

3 thoughts on “McWar and McPeace no more

  1. What happened, they forgot about Israel and Lebanon? Or do we not define the summer of 06 as ‘war’?

  2. “The logic is thus: countries with middle classes large enough to sustain a McDonald’s have reached a level of prosperity and global integration that makes warmongering risky and unpalatable to its people.”

    This would have been a poor theory even when the implication seemed correct. The observed phenomenon was that no two countries with a McDonalds never went to war with each other, not that countries with McDonalds went to war less often in general. So, we would have needed a theory that focused on McDyads rather than McNations.

  3. I think the theory still stands that two countries starting with “Z” have never gone to war.

    Therefore, logic suggests that we should rename all countries except for Zambia and Zimbabwe.