The Olympic don’ts

Courtesy of the FP blog, a Chinese government poster informing citizens people of eight things they should not ask foreigners:

  1. Don’t ask about income or expenses.
  2. Don’t ask about age.
  3. Don’t ask about love life or marriage.
  4. Don’t ask about health.
  5. Don’t ask about someone’s home or address.
  6. Don’t ask about personal experience.
  7. Don’t ask about religious beliefs or political views.
  8. Don’t ask what someone does.

Huh. What’s left?

3 thoughts on “The Olympic don’ts

  1. This reminds me of Professor Umbridge’s educational decrees. From Harry Potter, for the uninitiated.

  2. hahaha, in India remove all the “don’t”s and you have a standard set of conversation topics to launch with random foreigners.

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