Economists hate communities

Well, not hate. Just undermine.

Check out this great podcast and provocative book:

Stephen Marglin of Harvard University and author of The Dismal Science: How Thinking Like an Economist Undermines Community talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about the markets and community.

Marglin argues that markets and commercial transactions undermine the connections between us. He wants people to pay more attention to what is lost and not just what is gained by the pursuit of material well-being. Topics discussed include the nature of community, the role that voluntary associations play in our lives, the costs and benefits of mobility, the role of insurance in reducing our dependence on each other, and the nature of knowledge.

I think there’s also evidence we hate puppies and babies. I mean, undermine them.

Why I get time to read the book, I’ll try to venture an opinion.

Hat tip to Bayesian Heresy.

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