Rebels on YouTube

YouTube is turning into a surprising source of archival videos on rebels and rebel leaders.

Tim Allen, a friend and anthropologist at LSE, shares with me his collection of links to short films and reports on the wars in Sudan and Uganda.

Sudan Massacre: This link is to two short films made in 1991 (both using some of the same footage). They deal with the fighting within southern Sudan, and refer to an attack by the ‘Nuer’. This was a group that broke away from the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA), and was loyal to Reik Machar. Machar is currently the vice president of Southern Sudan. In his role as a militia leader who was supplied by Khartoum, he became the link between the Sudan government and the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). Reik appears in the film, as does John Garang (the leader of the SPLA who died in 2005), and Salva Kiir Mayardit (who replaced Garang as leader of the SPLA and also as vice president of Sudan – he is the one with the beard).

Broken Martyrs: Made in 1996, this is an interesting short film on the wars on either side of the Sudan/Uganda border. By this point it had become an open secret that the Sudan government was supporting the LRA and the Ugandan government was supporting the SPLA.

Under Seige: Made in 1996, this film deals with the situation in northern Sudan, and discusses growing pressure on Sudan over its war in the south and its training of ‘terrorists’. It has material on the huge displacement camps outside of Khartoum.

Guns for Sudan: Made in 1998, this film deals with the supply of weapons to the SPLA.

The Oil Wars: Made in 1999, this film deals with the links between oil and the war in Sudan

The Longest War: Made in 2004. This film covers the background to the war in Sudan and the international pressure to push the SPLA and Sudan government into a peace deal. It also discusses the effect of money flowing into Khartoum from oil revenues.

Lord’s Army from Hell: A powerful short film made in 1998. It deals with child abduction in Uganda, and present material on the reception centres in Gulu town.:

Inside the LRA: A disturbing and insightful short film by Anna Borzello – one of the best journalists who has working in the region. It presents some remarkable material of LRA commanders talking about their activities.

Joseph Kony press conference: Made in 2006. This short film shows one of the early meetings with Kony and the LRA high command.

Mareike Schomerus’ interview with Joseph Kony: Made at the same time as the above film, this is part of the film made of Mareike Schomerus’s meeting with Joseph Kony. Controversially, the BBC Newsnight editors inserted the questions and commentary over the top of it, and made it appear that the male narrator was the person Kony (and others) was speaking to.

Back to School (I, II, and III): Made in 2007, this likeable film, made for UNICEF, deals with attempts to educate girls in northern Uganda, now that there is relative peace.

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  1. Chris, a friend from Uganda studying in Columbia is interested to talk you about your work.
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