Round up of links and posts

10 tips toward better grant writing from the Getting Things Done in Academia blog (HT: War and Health blog)

From the TED blog, “No Country for Old Hatreds”: Wainaina on Kenya

Kenya: Lessons for South Africa (HT: Global Voices’ Ndesanjo Macha)

If you’re ever travelling to Kampala

Becker and Posner on terrorism and development (I’m hoping to comment on this exchange soon)

An amazingly thoughtful commentary on Obama, Malcolm X, Kenya, and tribe from Ethan Zuckerman

Murat Iyigun guest blogs about the tyranny of the applied micro-economists on Dani Rodrik’s blog. I think he makes some great points. That and my dissention is here.

At, last but not least, my favorite sight at the AEA Meetings this past weekend:

The official tuba of the economists! Who knew?

(Photo courtesy of my CGD colleague Michael Clemens, shot at Louis Armstrong International Airport.)

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