Roundup of links

Blogger Daniel Drezner has an article in Newsweek on how authoritarian leaders have innovated to keep themselves in power.

From Andrew Gelman, of the excellent Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science blog, some complimentary chapters on causal inference from his recent book:

Reporter Gregg Zachary (who has written some excellent articles on northern Uganda) has quite an interesting blog on Africa

A new political science blog from GWU, the epicenter of academic blogging. It’s focused on American politics, bit worth mentioning here not only because it is an interesting read in itself, but also because of the paucity of political science blogging going on.

The Monkey Cage comments on a recent article aimed at Bridging the Gap between Psychology and Experimental Economics

The WSJ writes about (and videos) an amazing amateur windmill maker in Malawi:

Self-taught, Mr. Kamkwamba took up windmill building after seeing a picture of one in an old textbook. He’s currently working on a design for a windmill powerful enough to pump water from wells and provide lighting for Masitala, a cluster of buildings where about 60 families live.

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