Feedback bleg

My aggressive bleg received so many superb comments, I’ve decided to bleg for more general advice: what could be done better at this blog? The easiest fixes are technical fixes. Is it tricky to subscribe? Want easy email or tweet … Continue reading

Aggressive bleg

I’m sorely disappointed with the political science and economics literature on violence. Why do some people riot, destroy property, beat on others, or get into scraps? Is there any relationship between the propensities for interpersonal and communal or political violence? … Continue reading

France bleg

Travel recommendations? I’m giving talks at the Paris and Toulouse Schools of Economics on Oct 6/7. Jeannie and I expect to be in the Paris area for 2-3 days before, and in Languedoc for 7-10 days after. For the Languedoc portion, we’re … Continue reading

1848 bleg

What are the best books on the social revolutions of 1848? By “best” I mean intellectually invigorating, but also well written and enjoyable. I’m looking to avoid both the dreariest academic tracts and the lightweight journalistic accounts. I am tempted … Continue reading

Argentina bleg

While our American friends celebrate Thanksgiving, my Canadian wife and I are headed south, to Argentina, to visit friends. Any suggestions on what we should do? We have two weekends in Buenos Aires (or environs) and the weekdays in between … Continue reading

Statistics bleg

Imagine you’re a microeconomist moderately skilled in survey and panel data analysis, but wholly ignorant of time series. You have vague recollections of learning what a VAR was five years ago. (You might also be charming and handsome, but that … Continue reading

IPA’s weekly links

Guest post by Jeff Mosenkis of Innovations for Poverty Action. Remember David Evans, the guy nominated for a best writing on the internet award for his research summaries? He’s back from the NUEDC conference with one-sentence summaries of 150 papers, … Continue reading

Links I liked

“Nate Silver offers up a statistical analysis of your failing relationship” Google maps, treasure map mode! Another reason I love NYC: Impromptu sax battle in the subway A Twitter and Facebook bleg for good novels yielded many excellent suggestions, including … Continue reading