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In case you’re in search of research jobs or money

Two things that have come across my desk in the last day or two:

  1. Lead research on women’s empowerment and violence against women and girls at one of the world’s largest humanitarian organizations, IRC (working for my wife!)
  2. Apply to USAID for up to $100k for research on democracy, rights, and governance

Lest this post provoke many requests for me to publicize an event or initiative, let me mention the limited conditions under which I publicize something for you:

  1. You are married to me, or
  2. You are giving away hideous sums of money to people in my field (i.e. likely readers of the blog)

Apologies–if I posted every event or initiative I was asked to, this would be a tedious blog indeed.

2 Responses

  1. Hilarious: “Apply to [agency of government that recently shut down for 3 weeks and almost defaulted on its debt for no reason in particular] for up to $100k for research on democracy, rights, and governance.”

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