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  1. My wife used to work in a juvenile girls prison as a counselor, and found the story all too resonant of the young women she worked with. It’s not clear to me the movie is so far removed from some people’s lives. The circumstances are extreme, and a touch over the top, but still tasteful and not completely unrealistic. For Hollywood, outstanding.

  2. While I haven’t yet seen Precious myself, the few criticisms that I’ve read all go something like this; the images surrounding the tragedy of this girls life, while to some degree accurate, is essentially poverty porn. It seems like you’ve decried some of this business in the past, as it relates to development. What’s the difference; the fact that it’s a dramatization?
    (In all fairness to Chris and anyone else who appreciates the movie, again, I have not seen it)
    really enjoy the blog, keep up the great work!

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