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Medellin bleg

I am starting a new project in Medellin where we are collecting systematic data on the hundreds of street gangs in the city. I will write

Kenya crime and police bleg

What organizations and donors are doing interesting or innovative programs in policing tactics, police/justice reform, or crime reduction in Kenya? Mainly I’m looking at crime

Kenya food bleg

I’m headed to Nairobi this evening. I haven’t been back for 11 years. (In fact the last time I was there I met my wife

Bleg: Colombia with small children

We leave in a week and so, naturally, we have just begun to plan. Actually, that’s not entirely true. From July 25 until August 8

Catalonia travel bleg

We’ll be in Catalonia for the next three weeks, mostly in a small village just west of Figueres, and a little in Barcelona. Recommendations for food or

East/Southeast Asia travel bleg

We are ignorant of options and looking for suggestions, especially from those who have traveled with young kids. Jeannie and I will take the kids

Factory or firm bleg

Last week’s migrant worker bleg was so successful, I am going to reach a little further. We’ve been able to run our randomized trial of

Migrant worker bleg (Dubai edition)

Some of you may remember my randomized control trial of factory labor in Ethiopia. It is still chugging away. One interesting finding so far: almost

Caribbean (or Florida keys) bleg

Suggestions from readers? We have yet to go, but may spend a week after Christmas without toddler in tow, either the Caribbean or Florida Keys.

West Florida bleg

Jeannie and I will have three days and two nights while more elder Blattmans take care of Amara. They will be in Sarasota. We hope

North Carolina bleg

We will be in a cottage near Asheville for the week. Blogging with be infrequent at best. Reader recommendations for sites, food or other activities?

Ugandan underworld bleg

I’m just a couple of days from a return to the US, regular Internet, and blogging. In the meantime, a shot in the dark. My

Infant travel bleg

So we’re planning to cart Amara around the globe while she’s still portable. I’m pretty sure there’s some golden advice out there from experienced parents

Southeast Asia bleg

Jeannie and I head to Ho Chih Minh City (Saigon) in a week to visit relatives. Then to Mae Sot, Thailand where I will (sadly)

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