Links I liked

  1. Ezra Klein’s interview of tech reporter Kara Swisher
  2. A pre-doc in India for students interested in experimental research (scroll down)
  3. Not so realistic in America, but more sensible governments take note: Visas as aid
  4. The puzzle is why peacekeeping works, not why it fails (link fixed)
  5. Strangely satisfying: A New Yorker editor live copy edits Trump’s Black History Month speech
  6. This Fantasia 2000 Rhapsody in Blue animation
  7. And we now have the ability to see light moving?

We now have the technology to see light moving! This is a 100 BILLION FPS recording.

3 thoughts on “Links I liked

  1. Dear Professor Blatman, could you please provide another link to “4. The puzzle is…” I’m getting the following failure notice on the OUP website: “We’re sorry! Your action has resulted in an error. Please click the Back button in your browser and try again.” Many thanks and best regards.

  2. No. 1 is not an interview, but a rambling, incoherent shouting match. Terrible. I have more discipline in letting other people finish their sentences when I am in a bar.