Links I liked

  1. UVA is hiring an Assistant Professor, tenure-track, in Hip Hop and the Global South. On the one hand I think “if only I hadn’t already accepted that Chicago job!”, and on the other hand, if you Google “worst hip hop dance moves ever” you get this, which is still 100 times better than anything I could ever do
  2. New Yorker profiles of Ursula Le Guin and Leonard Cohen
  3. The economic case for accepting refugees
  4. The New York Times writes a thinly veiled user manual on how to swap your vote this election with someone in a swing state
  5. Fascinating story with very close parallels to my own CBT research in Liberia: “Psychologist Helps San Quentin Prisoners Find Freedom Through Self-Reflection
  6. And finally, Hamilton Gets Out the Vote:

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