The best reason to keep Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill

386361 04: UNDATED FILE PHOTO: The 1996 U.S. Twenty Dollar currency series incorporates new features designed to improve the security of the currency. The 1996 $20 note was introduced in the fall of 1998 by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. (Photo by Newsmakers)Does no one else think it’s completely historically appropriate that the Unites States acknowledges that not long ago it was led by a former child soldier, white supremacist, ethnic cleansing, populist?

13 thoughts on “The best reason to keep Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill

  1. We can acknowledge all those things without putting that person’s face on our money. I guess this post was meant as tongue in cheek? But about what, I don’t understand.

  2. We acknowledge Joseph McCarthy, too, but no one’s suggesting him on the 20 either, are they? California was home to internment camps, but that’s not on our state quarter.