More reasons to bemoan millennials

Sorry guys. I know you’re my main audience, but this is my generation’s new favorite pastime. And there is new material.

On Monday, the New York Times published a story about the breakfast favorite, and the most disconcerting part was this:

Almost 40 percent of the millennials surveyed by Mintel for its 2015 report said cereal was an inconvenient breakfast choice because they had to clean up after eating it.

The industry, the piece explained, is struggling — sales have tumbled by almost 30 percent over the past 15 years, and the future remains uncertain. …

A large contingent of millennials are uninterested in breakfast cereal because eating it means using a bowl, and bowls don’t clean themselves (or get tossed in the garbage). Bowls, kids these days groan, have to be cleaned. …

Via James Choi.

8 thoughts on “More reasons to bemoan millennials

  1. If something is going to create washing up I’d rather go the whole hog and have it be healthy (which most American cereals are not)!