Links I liked

  1. Photo essay of the week: Ben Carson’s trophy wall appears to take up most of the house, alongside a misspelling of proverb that urges him to humility.
  2. Compelling theories that the villain in thew new Star Wars film is either Luke or… Jar-Jar Binks
  3. I have a new theory about economics department speaker seminars
  4. Bad lip reading at the Republican debates. Genius.
  5. Doris Lessing’s amazing reaction when told she won the Nobel
  6. Via Gareth Nellis, some Works in Progress listed on Berkeley professor Matt Rabin’s web page:
    • Is this Title Complete? Evidence from”
    • “Are Pajamas Safe? Evidence from Flannel Data”
    • “Do Bags of Mini-Carrots Get Really Gross After Months of Lying Underneath Piles of Paper? Evidence from Cleaning My Office”
    • “The Economics of Tall Grass and Wildflowers: A Field Experiment”

4 thoughts on “Links I liked

  1. If you are going to post about a typo the Ben Carson seems to have made, it is not best done in a post in which “villain” is incorrectly spelled “villian”. Pot, kettle, and all that. You might also note that if someone got snarky like that about Obama, your Manhattan clique would be screaming racist.

  2. Touché on the spelling mistake. But I have yet to meet the liberal Manhattanite who would call someone a racist for pointing our Obama’s misspelling. And I would be willing to bet a majority of Republicans would find the Carson decor a bit much, and see the irony in the plea for humility. You will not see many Democrats defending Hillary and Bill’s sterling character and judgment in decorum if not decor.