Links I liked

  1. IPA has an interesting new startup, and they are hiring
  2. The scientists who first found evidence of gluten sensitivity… have now shown it doesn’t exist
  3. The Economist ranks universities by value added in terms of salaries. If that’s what motivates you, then by all means look them up.
  4. From the Upshot: “the split between outsider candidates like Ben Carson and Donald Trump and insider candidates is not as clean as it may seem… Roughly 35 percent of likely voters whose first choice is Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio list Mr. Carson or Mr. Trump as their second choice.”
  5. What do Caribbean pirates, drug-dealing gangs, and preliterate tribesmen have in common?
  6. This thread had surprisingly interesting answers: “ELI5: Why does multiplying two negatives give you a positive?
  7. And cue the jokes about the Republican Congress:

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 9.17.24 AM

5 thoughts on “Links I liked

  1. For the university rankings, why so many of the top located in Pennsylvania, I wonder?

  2. Is it ironic that a post about an uncontrolled study with a sample of 38 people (showing gluten sensitivity doesn’t exist) comes immediately after one so haughtily dismissive of journalists who report small studies?

  3. I really the article you’ve shared on gluten sensitivity experiment. Thanks!