Links I liked

  1. A terrific article on how the effectiveness of depression treatments have been overstated because researchers didn’t publish null results
  2. Bono on development: “I’m late to realizing that it’s you guys, it’s the private sector, it’s commerce that’s going to take the majority of people out of extreme poverty and, as an activist, I almost found that hard to say”
  3. A guide to multiple comparisons in your empirical work (and more terrific resources from EGAP)
  4. Berk Ozler brings some measure of sanity to the “just give cash” mantra
  5. Friends don’t let friends use instrumental variables?
  6. The latter two links come from the Development Impact blog, which if you have not heard me say before: follow it.
  7. Best travel ad ever?

5 thoughts on “Links I liked

  1. Not surprising, given their strong welfare system, that they are looking to birth a labor force (rather than import one?),