Links I liked

  1. Using Times New Roman on your resume is like wearing sweatpants to a job interview?
  2. Confessions of a secret aid worker: how you lose your compassion
  3. The new issue of JHR has a great symposium on practical empirical methods by some of the econometric greats, including articles on matching, clustering, and weighting
  4. Native workers benefit more than they lose from immigrant workers?
  5. How the New York Times searches Twitter better than you
  6. 10 ways to appear smarter than you actually are in meetings
  7. And the best worst tweet of the week:

2 thoughts on “Links I liked

  1. Thank you for posting the confession of an aid worker, not because it provides anything insightful, but because without meaning to it poses the fundamental question of “why?”. In any endeavor (esp IDEV), the pursuit of happiness is a shaky, self centered foundation at best. Would be interested to hear from readers what motivations ARE sustaining in the face of realities like genocide.