How do Yale professors recommend you teach? The podcast interviews

The Teach Better podcast, from my friend Doug McKee.

The Teach Better Podcast is a series of conversations with faculty (for now just at Yale) who care about teaching and are doing interesting things in the classroom. We just published our fifth episode with Laurie Santos (“Sex, Lectures, and Videotape”) where she talks about how she teaches a 600 student lecture class on Sex, Evolution, and Human Nature in Battell Chapel.
In earlier episodes we’ve talked to Jim Rolfe (Math), Jenny Frederick (Chemistry) and Bo Hopkins (Business and Engineering), and we have episodes upcoming with Don Kagan (History), David Bromwich (English) and Larry Samuelson (Economics).
The idea is to build a community of folks interested in teaching at Yale and around the world. You can subscribe through your favorite podcast app or listen on the website.