Brian Williams for The Daily Show? And Stewart for NYC Senate.

Unlikely, but consider:

  1. He did lobby to get The Tonight Show after Leno,
  2. He’s actually quite funny, and
  3. We now know he’s good at fake news.

The best imagined phone conversation, via the Reddit thread on Stewart.

NBC Mgmt: Hey Brian, what’s up?
BriWi: Jon Stewart just let me know on the DL that he’s leaving the Daily Show at the end of the year.
NBC Mgmt: Good. With Colbert in at CBS that’ll help with Jimmy and Seth’s ratings. How does that affect you?
BriWi: I want his job.
NBC Mgmt: What are you high? You’re the closest thing this generation has to a Walter Cronkite or a Dan Rather. Plus you’re under contract for the next two years.
BriWi: So you’re saying there’s no way you’ll let me out of my contract?
NBC Mgmt: You’d have to something so boneheadedly stupid it’d seriously damage your credibility and the network’s.
BriWi: Hmmm… I wonder…
NB Mgmt: What’s that?
BriWi: Hmm? Oh. Nothing. Goodnight, sir.
NBC Mgmt: Good night, Brian.

In the meantime, I can’t quite imagine the 2016 election cycle without Stewart.

So… let me add an implausible New York ticket to your 2016 dreams: Clinton/Stewart.

Unlikely. But someone will need to fill Hillary’s Senate seat.