Bleg: When (if ever) are you too old for a PhD? And what should you know?

In June 2013 I wrote a short post on the question. I didn’t think much of it, and I didn’t have very many useful things to say. Even so, somehow it bacame my most-viewed post in 2014. Almost 39,000 people viewed it this year (and there’s still a few more hours to go.)

I think I have discovered one of the great sources of existential angst on the Internet.

Now I feel kind of bad that it’s such a crap post. My new year’s resolution is to better it. Before I do, I am asking for stories, comments, and opinions from readers. What advice do you have for older PhD students? What should they consider?

You can put comments below, tweet them to me, or email me directly. If you want to make sure that the most number of people see them, however, please comment on the original post, since that’s where people seem to go.