The only thing worse than Comcast technical support?

In June, Two wealthy Macau residents stayed at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. The hotel suspected that they were running an illegal gambling operation out of their room. They enlisted the police and the FBI, but could not provide enough evidence for them to get a warrant. So instead they repeatedly cut the guests’ Internet connection. When the guests complained to the hotel, FBI agents wearing hidden cameras and recorders pretended to be Internet repair technicians and convinced the guests to let them in. They filmed and recorded everything under the pretense of fixing the Internet, and then used the information collected from that to get an actual search warrant. To make matters even worse, they lied to the judge about how they got their evidence.

The Atlantic on the limits of police dishonesty.

8 thoughts on “The only thing worse than Comcast technical support?

  1. I hate Comcast as much as anybody, BUT Frontier (who bought Uverse from AT&T) accidentally turned off my Internet service on the Monday before Thanksgiving and after a week of talking to them 2 hours per day and getting nothing but incompetence and lies, I actually switched *to* Comcast. So far it’s been fine.