Catalonia travel bleg

We’ll be in Catalonia for the next three weeks, mostly in a small village just west of Figueres, and a little in Barcelona. Recommendations for food or sightseeing around Figueres or Barcelona are welcome.

Caveat: True New Yorkers that they are, the kids hate driving in cars. And they have a tendency to throw up if we drive more than 45 minutes. So, far-flung destinations are welcome, but only if they are worth risking el coche vómitos.

21 thoughts on “Catalonia travel bleg

  1. Welcome. If you come down to Barcelona, I recommend Bar Canete. You can have late-lunch or early dinner to beat the crowds (usually dinner time is around 8.30 and lunch is served at 1.30 pm here) and it is very child-friendly.

    If you have a car, I also recommend checking out Begur. It has beautiful beaches and is not so far from Figueres.

  2. I really enjoyed Montserrat. As long as the kids aren’t too scared of heights, they’ll love the cable car ride up. The monastery is gorgeous and the views are breathtaking, especially if you take the funicular to the top. And you can take a train right from Barcelona — no need to drive.

  3. I really can’t imagine any reason to go more than 3-5 miles from central Barcelona.

  4. I love this little medieval village called Peratallada, but many great ones around there to explore a castle or two. I also loved exploring Girona and the old part of town especially. A day at the beach in Palamos at Castells beach where you can walk to charming remote little coves with ancient fisherman huts and crystal clear water is pretty great too: Enjoy!

  5. I really liked Torre Bellesguard (, which I think has not been open for very long. It’s a little bit outside of the centre so not as busy as some of the well-known parks and might be fun for the kids as well. You have to book spots for a guided tour in advance. If you go in the morning, you can eat at Les Truites afterwards ( or which is a few blocks down. Not too expensive and again not too busy, specialising in tortillas.

  6. Have a great vacation…I love this part of the world.

    Not sure how old the kids are but if they are at the theme park stage then Port Aventura could probably keep you in brownie points for the rest of the trip. I have not been but my best mate lives near Tortosa and her daughter, friends and all visitors from UK adore it. OK, a little bit more than 45 minutes from Barcelona but I suspect the kids might not mind.

    I also really like Sitges. A cosmopolitan beach-side town where the well heeled of Barcelona have beach places. The old town up the hill is lovely.

    Also I can’t remember the exact details of how to get there but I went from Barcelona to Monserrat. We took a short train ride out to the west and from there you get a cable car up the mountain. It is a great way to get out of the Barcelona heat and into some clean air. And the cable car is really cool.

    From Figueres, you could always pop over the border. Of the French coastal places, my favourite is Coulioure for great seafood restos. But in August it tends to be a bit swamped…mind you, most places will be busy.

  7. In Barcelona the aquarium is lovely and a great place for kids. Parc Guell is is beautiful and a good spot for a family picnic. The (former) hospital Sant Pau Recinte Modernista is also less busy than some of the other sites and a nice place to stroll.

  8. One tip: Dramamene chewable tablets for kids have saved many a family road trip.

  9. SAnt Pere de Rodes, Cadaqués-Port Liigat, Port de la Selva, Cap de Creus, Garbet beach is great for swimming snorkelling and very easy to reach by car etc. In your area, Sant Llorenç de la Muga, no doubt. Girona deserves a visit. Hostal Empúries, L escala, Empúries. In Barcelona, Santa Maria del Mar Church, all Gaudí stuff but especially Park Güell and Pedrera, rice and fish in Cal Pinxo in Barceloneta, Mies Van de Rohe in Montjuich, fundació Miró, monestir de Pedralbes

  10. Barcelona is a wonderful city of Spain. There are so many restaurant and bars all around the city. Barcelona has its fair share of live music venues, such as Razzmatazz and Apolo, but the city boasts some wonderful concert halls as well. The Gran Teatre del Liceu is a survivor in splendor, decorated with gold leaf, plush red carpets and ornate carvings. Don’t shy away from checking out the programme, as tickets are not always as expensive as you might think, and it’s a space that’s definitely worth a visit. Pintxos, in essence, are Basque tapas – plates of bite-sized goodies served atop a piece of bread – and they’re also a culinary trend in Barcelona.