4 thoughts on ““Graph” of the day: Our solar system without the pesky space

  1. This is something like geographical area; but if political, economic, cultural and historical importance then Britain would be half of the solar system. What happened to Hawaii. Maybe it isn’t matter or doesn’t. The Sun has gone too or is this an eclipse thing. There is a map somewhere which shows the world in its correct proportions not the commonly shown one. One of the major differences in the former to the latter is Africa is quite massive and Europe tiny. Can’t remember what it is called.
    On a drive today had the company of some thoughtful friends. They tended to the opinion that UCT would be abused by the men in the house, if the men were already drinkers. But the men try to do that already with other forms of aid. So it comes down to the usual: don’t factor in the potential for abuse but what is the overall effect. However they agreed that if no abuse in the house it would be good. The bad example they gave was of a man who at night stole his own chickens and sold them and went to the beer hall with the proceeds. His wife, when the thieving was discovered, said they had to stay up to guard these chickens and catch the thieves. She did and caught her own husband. They are now separated.