I, stand-vangelist

A young sow grizzly bear standing up to get a better view.The scales have fallen from Emily Oster’s eyes. She is a standing desk convert.

When I am not evangelizing about cash transfer programs, I am pushing the standing desk on my friends, colleagues and blog readers. My standing desk conversion story, comments and reviews here.

Oster makes a similar case, but where I provide opinion and pictures of animals I stole off the Internet, she opts for giving actual evidence. Some excerpts:

  • …prolonged standing is associated with varicose veins and lower back pain.
  • …The combination of sitting and standing provided by such a desk seems to decrease worker-reported discomfort rather than increase it.
  • …Workers who use these desks report small reductions in back, neck and arm pain.
  • …[T]hese improvements do not seem to come at the cost of lower worker productivity.
  • …[People] don’t typically stand all day. The decrease in sitting time is on the order of 90 minutes to two hours.
  • …[One study showed] a 65 percent increase in mortality rate for [Norwegians] who sat for 10 or more hours a day compared with those who sat less than four hours a day.
  • …A large Australian study found a 40 percent increase in the risk of death from sitting more than 11 hours a day versus less than four.
  • …[A]t least one review article shows there does not seem to be any evidence of extra energy spent by the users of standing desks.

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10 thoughts on “I, stand-vangelist

  1. Evangel and its associates is a Greek word meaning gospel. It has got nothing to do with desks or cash transfers. Try to think of another word to describe your promotion of desks and cash transfers.

  2. Based on what the Doctor tells Louie, might be better to get a floor desk since the spinal chord evolved during the period when we were still crawling on all four limbs!