Bleg: In the event you live in Geneva or Brussels or Nairobi

Since our daycare closes for 6 weeks this summer starting (don’t get me started) we are thinking of relocating to Brussels, Geneva, or Nairobi. Jeannie’s organization (IRC) has headquarters there, and I can plug away on papers from anywhere. And (in two of the three) work on my miserable French.

Here’s where the bleg comes in. We’re thinking July 28 to Aug 29 or even Sept 5. I figured there’s a small chance:

  • You live in one of these cities or know people that do
  • You or they might like to swap places. We have a lovely 2-bedroom (3 if you count a den) in Manhattan that can sleep 4-6.
  • Failing that, you have a place to rent a blogger and his lovable brood
  • In any of these cases, you know the perfect babysitter or nanny or daycare in either city (crucial to me plugging away on those papers)

Any other advice or thoughts on the cities welcome.

Unfortunately circumstances tie us to these three cities and so no substitutes. Though if you want to rent an apartment for August in New York, let me know.

I can be emailed at the usual spot.

18 thoughts on “Bleg: In the event you live in Geneva or Brussels or Nairobi

  1. Nairobi not entirely safe these days. But could get high quality daycare for expats at affordable rates.

    Geneva, just too expensive…everything there is expensive, unless IRC pays post-adjustment or standard of living bonus like the UN. Then you will enjoy.

    Brussels, well you can get around with English, its a more cosmopolitan city that most people think. Cheaper than Geneva too.

  2. Hey Chris, let me know if you settle on Nairobi, I can put you in touch with people and recommendations for housing options/babysitters.

  3. Every time I land at Nairobi airport and get a taxi into town I wish that I hadn’t gone. The traffic is terrible. Walking is faster than driving.

  4. I am actually looking for various internships in Nairobi but cant seem to find any vacancies. Anyone now of anything? I am not looking for UN internships I would prefer grassroots organizations or other NGO’s.